Remembering the Good

Test everything, hold on to the good. 1 Thessalonians 5:21

Christmas has a way of being that time of year when we remember people, events and feelings. Things buried far back in our memory vaults walk by our side as we wrap gifts, put up decorations or send Christmas cards. At first it seems nostalgic, like a scene from an old film. But those happy emotions soon find there are other thoughts, painful ones riding the same bus. In fact before we know it, so many old hurts fill our minds that it is easy to forget the good.

But today’s verse reminds us not only to look for the good but to hold on tight to it. Don’t let it go. Because no matter what, in almost every relationship and experience there has been something good, even if just a hard lesson we learned. God has and will continue to have something good for us in His plan no matter how things appear right now. So go ahead, dust off those old ornaments, bake some old family cookie recipes and hold on to the good. The bad is way too heavy to carry, especially at Christmas!

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