My Early Christmas Offering

Okay I confess I love Christmas so much that I have been busy decorating our home, preparing for a family visit still a month away and have already been listening to Christmas music! So if you are ready here is an early offering to my readers of a lovely song I have been so blessed by from Keith and Kristyn Getty titled ; “In the Bleak Midwinter” This is such a lovely gentle song. My prayer for you today is that in this pandemic of panic that tries to grip our hearts and tear away at all that is good and pure that you will find as you listen with me a center of peace found only as we worship our king who gently came to the manger on a bleak midwinter day!

2 thoughts on “My Early Christmas Offering

    • So since I have never heard this before I assumed it was composed by Kristyn Getty but now looking into it I see this is over a hundred years old. Wow and the words based on a poem from one of my favorite poets Christina Rosetti. Thanks for sharing

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