Snow Storms and Celebrations

Our first home had a spectacular view from the top of a high ridge in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. However nice as that view was in Summer, we paid double for it in Winter. Can you guess where the snow piled up in drifts several feet deep? Yep you got it -right outside our front door!

Then in 1993 a snow storm attacked our state and we went through 3 days of everything being shut down and the roads being closed. But we discovered the sweet reality that as long as our wood supply was stacked safe and dry in the garage and Nancy had flour for baking bread we simply turned that storm into a time of celebration!

God offers us the same sweet reality and much more in today’s verse. Notice first He doesn’t say that storms won’t attack us but that when they do He has a blessing in store. We can trust Him because He is totally and perfectly prepared for whatever comes. The warmth of His love and His Living Bread from Heaven will always be in abundant supply and He will raise up a banner turning our greatest trials into our greatest celebration!

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