The Prayer Investment

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In this is all the law and the prophets. Matthew 7:12

Most of us have learned and pay at least lip service to the golden rule. Maybe a parent quoted this one day when we were tussling over a toy with our brothers or in a dispute with another kid on the bus. The doing unto others part is thought of as some kind of good or bad karma that will somehow show up one day in our life.

But though the doing good idea that Jesus was teaching does have a general application it is interesting to note that He mentions it here in reference to prayer. It comes right after talking about how our heavenly father give good gifts for those who ask. I wonder how often we have stopped and wondered if others (especially those we aren’t getting along with) care enough to pray for us. I find this really hits home in family relationships because to honest those are the most challenging in my life. It’s a lot easier praying for missionaries, starving children and the president than it is to intercede for a family member we just had an argument with over the phone. And heated words often lead to cold stone walls that separate us from each other for years.

Of course reconciliation is the ultimate goal of God but maybe the best first step begins with an investment of prayer. Maybe as we put aside our hurts and desires and simply pray for an offended brother or sister, mom or dad a seed is being planted by the Holy Spirit in their hearts. A harvest of restored love in a family matters far more than proving who is right or wrong in an argument. And what can make happen reconciliation faster than when we both begin to pray for one another. Prayer is the hidden investment we make in the lives of others that will yield a harvest of love by the grace and power of God one day.

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