Two or Three

Yesterday when I got home from the store I discovered three doves by our front door. They reminded me of the scripture of two or three gathering in Jesus name. They were so peacefully hanging out that I hated to disturb them by getting out of the car. Of course Jesus isn’t surprised by finding us together because He knows all things, but I get the sense that He delights in finding us praying together. Can’t you picture Jesus quietly tiptoeing in so as not to scare us away?

This coming weekend I would love to have some of you to pray for a small prayer gathering at a fountain in a senior village by a long term care facility. As some of you know our nursing home ministry has been limited to sending videos, cards and flowers since March. But wonder of wonders I was invited to play some hymns for this outdoor meeting on Saturday. Some of the folks from our home group are coming and we are excited to see this small beginning. I hope everyone is having a good week. God bless and I hope to be back with a great report on Saturday. Blessings all!

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