Morning Quiet Time

Having a morning walk is one of the things I enjoy the most since retirement. Those 20-30 minutes give me a time to listen and look to see in the ordinary of things around the neighborhood what Jesus has in store for today. Remember that just as he said not to worry about tomorrow because today’s trouble is enough it also follows that enough for the day is the good. This morning the good was seeing this gander out for his walk showing off his lady friends. He wasn’t busy wishing he was a taller bird like a crane, or a better fisherman like the pelican. He was just strutting his stuff completely satisfied with a duck’s life.

I have discovered that those moments at the beginning and end of my days are like bookends. Everything that God has prepared of good and allowed for problems will be kept in place if we begin and end with Him! Have a blessed Sabbath and a praise filled Sunday!

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