God Leads Us Along

When God leads us on paths we have never walked we have an opportunity to learn more about what it means to really trust Him. When my wife’s battle with cancer began it turned both of our lives upside down. Our schedule, our plans and our relationship got thrown into the deep end of the pool. We suddenly had to draw on our faith in ways that we had talked about but had rarely put into practice. It was sink or swim time and on some days I was doing more sinking than swimming.

Now looking back two and a half years I can see God’s gracious love patiently snipping away a thousand loose ends of pride and selfishness. Thank God Nancy came through her surgery,six chemo treatments and physical rehab with flying colors. Now that we find ourselves on strange new path we can look back and see that through every misunderstanding, midnight pain and tearful prayer God has been faithful. Today’s verse reminds us that His grace is not because of our stellar behavior or goodness but for His own name’s sake. I recently heard Lindsay sing this hymn and was reminded that no matter the pathway God always leads us along!

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