Merry’s Heart

Not my normal post today but then we have had some exciting things happening in our family this year and I wanted to share a bit on my blog today. We have been blessed with daughter-in-law Deb Caligirui who added her own special Cagan seasoning to our Yankee family. It has been amazing as we have watched her and our son raising four adoptive children in addition to our second oldest grandson. It seems as if they are always off to some new adventure together (as if home schooling them all wasn’t an adventure in itself!)

With the graduation from High school of their oldest and the youngest out of diapers Deb found time to go back over some manuscripts which she had begun a long time ago. Today I am excited to introduce to you Merry’s Heart from Keystone Heart Books . While Merry’s Heart is set near Amish country this is a modern day love story which deals with all the craziness and challenges of today. From adoption, singleness and teaching to the complexity of trying to figure out 21st century relationships Deb doesn’t shy away from the real life problems we all face. If you think you’ve got this story line figured out from the beginning you better hold on for the wild ride ahead to her heart warming conclusion.

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