A Tale of Two Brothers

Younger brother was lazy and spoiled could be

While the older worked hard to just earn his keep

They walked different roads ending up far apart

And neither could know that they broke father’s heart

The youngest just partied and lived the wild life

Sleeping in every morning – staying up every night

While his brother just labored from dawn to the dusk

Barely pausing to rest because he felt he must

So when father forgave when the younger just asked

While the older was still finishing up his day’s tasks

He got angry and shouted “Dad what about me.”

Think how brother was shaming our whole family

But father grew quiet and with tears in his eyes

Put his hand on his shoulder then he made this reply

Son, if you forgive and leave that up to the Lord

You’ll see life’s greatest joy in a family restored

A Tale of Two Brothers by Peter Caligiuri © 2020 All rights reserved

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