Jesus is Right on Time – Video

Oh I hate to wait but the numbers here aren’t looking great for things to open up safely to the Nursing Homes any time soon. Please remember to pray for the residents who have now been well cared for but very lonely after 3 1/2 months of isolation. This week’s Hymn session Included His Eye is On the Sparrow (One of my favorites). Little talk with Jesus and When the Roll is called up Yonder. God bless everyone.

7 thoughts on “Jesus is Right on Time – Video

  1. Our church/family has a nursing home ministry too and we haven’t been since February. It’s really hard.

    Your music is so uplifting and encouraging. You are very talented on the guitar!! Great smile, expressions, and voice.

    How long did it take you to learn the guitar so well?

    • I really didn’t start playing the hymns for a long time. But God called me to people who love them and I have come to love them as well. It does take some time to invest in learning to make the songs your own. I taught a seminar on nursing home worship to our young people a few years ago. If you are interested I could send you the links. God bless you as you serve in your own community.

    • Thanks for your prayers. It has been such a long and difficult time for those who live in long term care. May the Lord give each of us an opportunity to communicate the love of Christ to those behind closed doors

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