Whatever Happened to Mercy?

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy Matthew 5:7

Whatever happened to mercy in our political arena and in our community? Where is forgiveness clearly messaged towards people who don’t agree with us, live up to our standards or fit in with our tight knit circle? When we are anxious to pick up stones to throw at people we might want to be careful of whom we hit. The person who is today’s vicious opponent may one day become a missionary like Paul. The liar we contend with at work could one day become a pillar of our church like Peter. Skeptics who question all we believe in could one day be like Thomas who traveled all the way to India bringing the message of the gospel!

Looking at racism, looting, and violence it is easy to begin to feel that some of those people really don’t deserve mercy. But that misses the point. Mercy cannot be deserved! Mercy is the attitude that reflects the undeserved second chance that God has given to anyone who comes to Him. Mercy is the action that says there is always hope for someone else’s life. Especially for we who call ourselves Christians, mercy should always be our first response rather than our last resort. Jesus teaches us that mercy unlocks God’s blessing. There is still hope for God’s blessing on our community because of mercy. No one is too far away for God to reach. God’s mercy can reach every hard angry and rebellious heart … even our own!

Photo by Rodolfo Clix on Pexels.com

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