Heaven’s Hotline

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea;         Psalm 46:1-2 KJV 

The story of the children of Israel leaving Egypt reminds me a lot of our situation in America today. Just like us they were fearful because of the crises they faced. Every time they faced an emergency the people ran to Moses in a panic and demanded answers. Moses in turn knew that he didn’t have the answers, so he dialed God’s hot line. And every time Moses called for God’s help, whether it was about the Egyptian army, the lack of food in the desert or the bitter water at Mara God worked another miracle. It might seem strange that no matter how many times God delivered them they never trusted Him the next time, but are we really any different? Instead of chariots, hunger and bitter water we face the Corona virus, Antifa and economic disaster. Just like the people of Israel it seems as if the world as we know it is about to fall into the depths of the sea. But in the same way that God answered His heavenly hotline for the children of Israel, He is still ready to answer us today 

Though, it feels like running away from our problems would be the safest solution; the real truth is that the only safe place is in Jesus Christ. He offers us a gift of life that cannot be taken away. He makes available a citizenship in a kingdom that will never be overthrown. He is making plans to adopt us into His family where we will be loved and accepted forever. Why not trust Him as refuge and strength in whatever trouble you face? Before turning on the morning news, remember that He is guarding the doors, of both our homes and our hearts. Even when mountains are falling into the sea, He will be with us. He has promised to walk with us both through fire and through the flood. He is our refuge and strength and in Him we don’t ever need to be afraid again! 

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