Being a Grandparent in Shutdown

Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged parents are the pride of their children.  Proverbs 17:6

I have always believed that when grandparents and parents play on the same team kids win. But when our grandchildren can’t come to see us and it’s hard even having a backyard barbeque a how can we continue to be a part of their lives?

I love long slow walks with our grandkids but now with them being in a lockdown area our visiting is on hold. So I have begun a letter writing campaign to try and keep in touch. Granted that they don’t write back much but I know at least that they have something that they can keep forever; unlike a video call that ends with a tap of a finger. Nana can’t make sure that there are  chocolate chip cookies on their table; but she can send them small thoughtful gifts that no one else knows they will love.


Maybe most of all our enforced separation has caused us on both ends of the phone calls, to value the relationships we have taken for granted. We are not just asking how they are doing but we are really listening to what they have to say. Sometimes Dad and Mom feel like the demands will never end but we Grandparents know that it all comes to an end too quickly and we treasure slow and ordinary moments. God bless all you Moms and Dads as you have shared your children with us. We only have them for a little while and we promise to give them back to you wrapped tightly in the love of a grandparent!

While I certainly don’t have all the answers these are a few things we have been doing so why not let us know what is working for you.


3 thoughts on “Being a Grandparent in Shutdown

  1. We are blessed to live about a mile and a half from three of our grandchildren. When the weather has been nice (and it frequently has been) my husband and I have ridden our bikes to their house and visited outside on the deck or the front lawn – “socially distanced.” The hardest thing has been not hugging them!
    I started noticing that when the adults are there, we end up talking about “adult” things and the kids get bored and leave to play in another part of the yard, so lately I’m starting to have little “dates” with each grandchild, where it’s just the two of us, walking together (6 feet apart), or sitting at opposite ends of the front porch, singing songs together with my guitar.
    Today I stopped by the newly reopened “froyo” (frozen yogurt) place and got treats for everyone, and we all sat around the deck enjoying a few minutes of birthday cake flavored froyo with gummy worms, and other disgusting-sounding things. 😉

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