Let’s Have Communion!

What I miss most during this social distancing era has been the inability to either serve or receive communion. So if we who are able to get out feel frustrated and wish we could be with our church again; imagine how those in Long Term Care must feel.

So after two week’s of prayer God spoke in my heart that the good news is that through the Holy Spirit we can all still celebrate the Lord’s Supper. Sharing in communion is more than just eating bread and drinking grape juice (or wine). Jesus Himself, is the bread of life and His blood which was sprinkled on the throne of grace in heaven, is still the New Covenant between God and man.  What we are unable to share because of distance God is still able to do through His Holy Spirit. I invite you to share this video with anyone you know who is in a long term care situation or to participate yourself. We may be separated by many miles; but by the blood of Calvary, we are one in Jesus Christ.

Our hymns for this week’s session include: Are You Washed? The Old Rugged Cross; In the Garden; Wondrous Cross and Nothing But the Blood.


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