COVID-19: God’s Preferential Deference? — mulyalemutisya

I don’t re-blog many articles but I loved this post by Mulyale Mutisya from Nairobi, Kenya.  She put in clear practical and personal terms questions I have had about how the Corona Virus was changing everyday life in other parts of the world. I especially loved her quote from Monika Hellwig;

The fears of the poor are more realistic and less exaggerated, because they already know that one can survive great suffering and want.”

Thanks Mulyale and have a blessed day all!


A few days ago, I took an evening walk with a friend who had visited. We follow the train track, breathing in fresh air from the surrounding forest. This is refreshing especially after spending time in quarantine. After about twenty minutes, the train track makes a diversion and leads us to a wide road and […]

via COVID-19: God’s Preferential Deference? — mulyalemutisya

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