Finding Contentment

If there’s one thing I’m learning during this enforced time of semi- isolation it is just how simple our needs really are. During these six weeks we celebrated our 47th anniversary with takeout and flowers delivered to the house. Our children and friends called to congratulate us and 50 more sent love and greetings on Facebook while they chuckled at those old wedding pictures

We have haven’t been to church but we have had church online and learned the value of listening and worshipping at home. Our small group was cancelled but people are keeping in touch with messages and phone calls. Being unable to be physically present with others we are learning how important it is to pray for one another. And through it all life has inexorably become both quieter and more content.

Maybe we are becoming content because for the first time in a long while we are seeing how helpless we are and how strong the arms of God that draw us ever closer to Him!

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