On Line Worship

For the last month we haven’t been inside our church, seen our pastor or any of the pastoral staff. Our worship has been relegated to sitting in front of a computer screen on Sundays and we serve ourselves our own communion. But in the middle of this crisis against the unseen Covid-19 enemy God is moving in new and unexpected ways. We are meeting neighbors, thanking those who carry our groceries to the car and even being more polite to telephone solicitors. One thing we have missed so much was hearing at length from our worship team; so when Rebecca Chase released this video yesterday on her Facebook page I was really blessed to be able to be able to sit and listen at length and soak in the thoughts of how God is with us even in the middle of our confusion and weakness. God bless you Rebecca and I pray this will be a blessing to many.


3 thoughts on “On Line Worship

  1. Beautiful!
    We have been having church on line, too, and seeing our worship team (four singers and three musicians) spread out across the otherwise-empty sanctuary. Last night we had a virtual “members meeting” and there seemed to be so much love and longing as we scrolled down the screen looking at the faces of the 200+ people that were “attending.” I was a little concerned that we would get “unused to” going to church, but I rather suspect that when we are able to come together again it will be so sweet!

    • Yes I’ve been wondering how many would return and how soon now that we have passed a month in semi isolation. Maybe there will be a lot of folks still watching online with just a few slowly edging their way back into public worship. I guess we will all find out sometime in May!

      • When our Christian school lost their building years ago, a small core group of parents formed a board and started over – found a new building to rent, went through all the red tape of opening a new school, and hired or rehired staff, barely in time to open the school in the fall. By that time roughly a third of the students had left and been enrolled in other schools or home school. So, although we had a lot fewer families involved, they were the most committed, and the school has thrived since.
        In the same way, this pandemic could be a refining fire of sorts …

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