The World Stood Still

The World Stood Still

He had walked on water

Given life to the dead

He had fed five thousand

With five loaves of bread

But on that day

When the world stood still

Jesus gave His life

At His Father’s will

Then while soldiers gambled

For the clothes He wore

His disciples hid

Behind locked doors

But by His cross

One thief believed

And Mary wept

As He struggled to breath

And the thunder roared

And as darkness fell

He cried out “Forgive!”

And the world stood still

photo of brown house near mountain

Photo by Janez Podnar on

 Biographical Sketch

Previously I served as a volunteer chaplain for more than twenty years at Allied Skilled Nursing in Scranton Pennsylvania. Last year my wife Nancy and I have retired and moved to Florida and are members of Generations Christian Church.  Together we have two sons, six grand-sons and one grand-daughter. Today I continue volunteering in three nursing homes in our new community.

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