Palm Sunday Live Church Service

Years ago when we attended a small country church our pastor used to ask, “Why don’t we call it Coat Sunday instead of Palm Sunday, because the Bible says they threw their coats as well as palm branches on the road where Jesus road the donkey?” Well whether you call it Coat Sunday or Palm Sunday you are probably wishing you could attend a church service this morning. So if you are already have a church with a live stream service be blessed. But if you are looking to connect this Palm Sunday here is your invitation. We are Generations Christian church of Trinity Florida and whether you ever make it inside our doors or not we would love to share the love and fellowship of Jesus Christ with you this Palm Sunday. God bless and have a great Palm Sunday Coat Sunday and Lord’s Day!

Here are the links to our online services which are live at 9 AM 11 AM and 5 PM or you can watch through our You Tube channel or Face Book page.

Church Online

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