Seven Words

Seven Words Our Savior Spoke

Seven words our Savior spoke

As He was dying there

Three words of comfort gently said

Three words He cried in prayer

And one He humbly asked “O How I thirst”

When they gave Him vinegar

Then Father forgive they do not know

What they have done to me

And to a broken dying thief He said

“In paradise we’ll be”

As Mary and John drew close to Him

His closest friend and mother

“Remember” He said “From this day on

To care for one another”

“My God – My God O why have You?

Forsaken me this way?”

He cried on that dark hill

Next “It is finished!” They heard Him say

I have done all your will

Then finally “Into your hands”

He prayed for His race was done

“I’m coming now to you My Father

Death defeated the victory won!”

Peter Caligiuri March 2020



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