God’s Bakery

Give us this day our daily bread. Matthew 6:11 KJV

Last night my wife was in a baking mood and so she decided on making eight loaves of her homemade bread. The aroma of it was enough to get my mouth watering in anticipation of butter melting in to that first slice fresh out of the oven!

When Jesus taught us to ask for bread He only said to pray for what we need today. We do not need to worry about tomorrow’s bread because our Father’s bakery will never go out of business. Just like the loaves straight from Nancy’s oven, we also need bread fresh from Heaven to feed our hearts every day.

Imported from phone 532

Then when our neighbors stop by, we can offer them more than just home-made bread. If we are willing to roll up our sleeves  and get to work in the kitchen we will be near to the oven door so that when it opens we can find bread fresh from Heaven to share in time of need!

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