Media Mealtime and Multitasking


It came to me today that my efficient manner of layering tasks one over the other is not God’s best for my life. So in my own battle here are a few things that God is helping me to do.

Prioritize- God first in my day. No media till after prayer. The phone is on but I won’t even glance at it till after prayer, morning coffee and breakfast. This might seem like a no brainer but for me it has been a welcome return to those slower starting pre-cell phone days. This little time is the first fruits of our day and should belong first to God.

No Media at Mealtime!

Have you seen families sitting in a restaurant paying good money for food but paying little attention to one another while they text or play games on their cell phones? The scarier part of this is we might be more likely to do this ourselves at home. It is time to liberate mealtime from the dictatorship of media! That includes eating alone. How can we even taste the food if our attention is elsewhere? God gave us a 3 times a day appetite so we would have 3 opportunities a day to give thanks and then enjoy what He has given us!

Mini Media Fasting

The attitude of the 21st century might be summed up by the phrase “No cell phone left behind!” But unless we are the President or an on duty 1st responder, the truth is the world will not miss us for 30 minutes. While I do admire folks who go off grid for a month; I confess that I am not there yet. But half an hour on my morning walk without a cell phone I can do. Maybe for you that might be time at the gym, a visit with a neighbor- (cell phone left behind) or an hour fishing. So why not give these ideas a try this week? You might be amazed at what God can do with just a little bit of our time that we liberate just for Him and His purposes!

5 thoughts on “Media Mealtime and Multitasking

  1. Great advice for being intentional on how to prioritize our time. I’ve found returning to some analog devices helps separate me from my phone — like wearing a watch and leaving my phone behind and using an alarm clock instead of my phone by my bedside.

  2. “No cell phone left behind!” You make me laugh when I read this phrase. But, it is so true. I have heard so many young people said that they can’t live without their cell phones. It makes me wonder how did the previous generations manage to live without phones. When my so is travelling alone I told him to treat his passport like his cell phone, but if he has a choice it is best to lose his cell phone not his passport. He usually looked at me strangely, but held his peace. I realized there was a war going on in his mind when I told him that. Thank you so much for this phone I will share it with my children.

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