2020 Devotional

As I buckle up in the passenger seat of any airplane my mind is flooded with questions like: “Who is the pilot?” and “I wonder if this plane is in good repair?” Then as the jet engines start to whine the flight attendant stands up and explains what to do in emergencies. This never gives me comfort since the last thing I want to think about at take-off is the possibility of crashing! Before I know it we begin to hurtle down the runway and then up into the sky above the airport. Part of my worry is because I cannot see where we are going. Secondly, there is someone at the controls whom I have never even met. Last and maybe most troubling is the fact that I have no idea what holds the plane up in the air! Yet despite my fears, I not only accept the risk of air travel, I actually pay good money for my ticket!

That humorous look at my personal outlook on flying may be how some of you feel as you face the unknown journey into a New Year.  For that reason I have called this year’s devotional, “Flying Through 2020 With Jesus” We can buckle up for this flight with confidence because by faith we know who our pilot is even though we cannot see Him. But God also wants to be so much more than just our pilot. He wants to give us wings of faith and then teach us to fly, so that we can follow Him safely all the way home!

You could either follow the link provided below or search in your Kindle Store for Flying Through 2020 With Jesus. It is available in both softcover or E-Book format. Whatever decide; may God bless you as you prepare for His flight plan for the New Year!

Flying Through 2020 With Jesus





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