Taking Care of Mom

Then he said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother!” And from that hour the disciple took her to his own home.   John 19:27 ESV

Jesus struggled to breath and nails pinned his hands and feet to wooden boards behind him and the crown of thorns pressed down around his head; but in the middle of his suffering Jesus was thinking about his mom. As the oldest son it was his responsibility to make sure she was taken care of. At that moment there was only a small cluster of friends and family around Him and when He saw John next to Mary His choice of caregiver was made.

As a result of John’s new responsibility we find later on that his ministry was far less public than some of the others. Peter became the chief spokesman for the church and Paul traveled all over the world as a missionary, but John stayed home. He was taking care of Mary. Now of course there is nothing wrong with people serving as evangelists and missionary leaders; but God has called some of us to care for those closer to home. Did you know that according to U. S. government statistics; 70% of those in long term care will not receive a single visit this year? Just like Mary, they are Jesus’ mother, older sister and brother. Father’s day passes and no one even calls. Mother’s day arrives and they do not get a flower or a hug or a kiss unless someone hears the call of Jesus and is willing to go. Why not take a moment and ask God if you could be that someone today?

Recently our pastor accompanied me at my nursing home ministry and mad this short video to encourage others to answer God’s call in our own communities. I pray that your heart will be touched and that this Christmas you find a way to reach out and share the love of Jesus Christ to Jesus’ mother and sister and brother in your own town,God bless

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