Are We Losing Connection?

Are We Losing Connection?

One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts. Psalm 145:4 KJV

David talks about singing praise as something older believers must do in order to let the younger generation know what God has done for them. Of course young people in our churches usually know five or six of the hymns and maybe even a few Christmas carols but they think of that as the music belonging to the old folks. Hymns which connected parents to children for hundreds of years today are on the verge of vanishing away. The entire concept that older have anything of value is being forgotten. So before the baton of faith meant to be passed from one generation to the next is dropped; let’s spend a few days focusing on how to ensure that we pass it on.


This past Sunday at our church the worship team deviated from its usual contemporary selection to close out the service with two entire verses and the chorus of “How Great Thou Art.” It was so wonderfully refreshing to hear older voices not just joining in but doing so with gusto! We were singing loudly not only because we liked that song but for once we felt as if someone remembered that we were there! It’s not that I think we ought to forget about the new worship songs; but in those few moments we began to make a closer connection. As young tenors blended with older slightly faded baritones; the hymn made us realize that together we are God’s family. As some of our voices weaken from having sung the songs of faith for decades; may others take up their melody. Together we tell the world the unchanging message of God’s love and faithfulness to every generation.

2 thoughts on “Are We Losing Connection?

  1. I really think this generation is rediscovering some of the best old hymns. I hear today’s artists on the radio singing them with their own arrangements, sometimes adding a new chorus. For example, I’ve heard several contemporary singers singing “Amazing Grace,” adding “My Chains Are Gone” – a very appropriate chorus, since the writer of the original hymn was a former slave trader. Other hymns I’ve heard resurrected are “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” and “It Is Well With My Soul.” I love the way these new arrangements can connect the generations as we worship together.
    (I think you’re going to like my next post, scheduled for Friday. 🙂 )

    • That is a great point however we are not seeing much of that at our church. Don’t get me wrong I do love contemporary worship and when I served on the worship teams in the past I was sometimes on the opposite end of this discussion. This is just an observation from our community and both our church and the other mega-church in town have pretty similar sets. This is also not a comment on style or “reaching ” a generation, but rather connecting generations together. Thanks for your feedback and I look forward to reading your post. Have a blessed week.

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