What in the World to do With All Those Pumpkin Seeds

Whether you are carving a pumpkin for the porch or boiling it down for pie did you ever wonder what you’re going to do with all those left over pumpkin seeds? Well with just a bit of dry roasting here is an idea I came up with that gives me my once a week omelette fix while still keeping close to my low cholesterol diet. I also took lots of photos so even a non cooking guy or gal could figure out how to do this. First assemble your ingredients.


1 egg – 1 slice low fat mozzarella cheese(Or provolone) – 1/4 cup roasted pumpkin seeds- 1/4 cup diced red bell pepper and either the smart balance I am using or olive oil.

Heat a small frying pan slowly on a low heat while melting your margarine or oil. Add in the diced pepper and pumpkin seeds and saute while stirring till the pepper and seeds brown a tiny bit.


Now I pour in the egg allowing it to spread evenly across the surface of the entire pan. This allows me to have the illusion of having a full sized omelette while holding myself to one egg! Just as the egg begins to solidify break your cheese into small pieces and distribute it evenly trying to keep it from the edges. Just as it melts fold the omelette so it will seal nicely.


Finally I finish the meal by adding a single slice of whole grain bread with a bit of honey to give it some personality and have some grape juice (Yeah I’m weird I put ice cubes in my juice) on the side. Add some salt and pepper to taste.

Now if like me you are watching your LDL levels this isn’t for every day. But once a week I like to indulge and have seen my numbers drop by 15-20% over the last year!

Have a great week-end! Blessings all!


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