Our Garden Waves Good-bye

We love our new home in Florida and this was the right time in our lives to come here, but I do miss our garden. This tropical climate and gray sandy soil leave me wishing for real honest brown dirt where I grew my tomatoes, peppers and zucchini. This week I know that back home we would be counting the days till the first frost on the mountain  and wishing Summer could last just a bit longer. This little poem recalls those days and I hope will put a smile on your face as well.

Imported from phone 857

Then Our Garden Waves Good-bye

While Tomatoes bow their frost tipped brows

 Mrs. Broccoli gently smiles

Mr. Green beans starts to shed his leaves

And Old Zucchini lies in piles

The Corn folks stiffly shake their stalks

And the Pumpkins wait for pie

Hot Peppers dream of summer walks

Then our Garden waves good-bye

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