Who is He to you?

They were terrified and asked each other, “Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!”  Mark 4:41 NIV

“Who is this?” Peter, Andrew, John and James asked. Even though they had watched water turned to wine, the blind made to see, and bread multiplied. As the wind and waves became a great calm they suddenly realized that they really didn’t know who Jesus was at all.

grayscale photo of body of waves

Photo by Matt Hardy on Pexels.com

Some others also asked His name like.  Jacob who was met one night by a stranger that wrestled with him till morning. Somewhere in those weary hours Jacob began to realize that the one who struggled with him was God’s angel; so he asked, “ “What is your name?” But  the one he thought an angel answered, “Why do you ask my name?” and then He blessed Jacob and then changed Jacob’s name to Israel.

Moses at the burning bush; when he was called also asked, “When the people ask what is your name what shall I tell them?” and God answered him saying; “I am that I am! Tell them that I am sent you!”

Our God showed himself as Shepherd; to David and as wisdom to Solomon. He was the one who walks through fire with Daniel’s friends and as the coming Messiah to Isaiah.  But does it really matter who He He was in their lives? Who is He in yours? Is He just the storm calmer or the worker of miracles? Is He a wrestler who refuses to let you go or a flame and a voice that calls you to set others free? What will count at the end of the day is if like Mary at the tomb; that when you meet Him; He calls your name and you fall at His feet and can call Him master and Lord!


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