Our Quiet House

The bathroom and guest room are clean again. 20190813_123703_Film4The refrigerator is mostly restocked and there are no more piles of sneakers by the doorway. But the return to our normal order of things  is too quiet for me. They say that we smile when the grand-kids come and then again when they go. But for me – I slept better with the disorder of family in the home. I am just sharing this thought with other Pops and Nanas out there to encourage you to treasure those special moments that race by so quickly.




Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers.            Psalm 17:6 KJV


Sometimes as moms and dads we are too busy and too tired for the small struggles of our children. But God has made us grandparents; to walk a little slower and ask for things to be repeated now and then because we listen carefully and give time generously to grandchildren. So now in my too quiet and too orderly home I am left with the assurance that God bends especially low to listen to the prayers of grandparents and to send His angels to watch for them and His Spirit to guide them on their way.


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