Choosing God – Part 1

It was by faith that Moses, when he grew up, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter    Hebrews 11:24

In the midst of all the talk about predestination and sovereignty it is sometimes overlooked that not only does God choose us, but we must choose God.  As an example why not take a look at the life of Moses? Moses had at his fingertips access to nearly unlimited money, power and prestige. He could have gone anywhere and done anything he wished. But in Moses’ heart a battle was being waged and he was being tested as to whom he wanted to belong.

egypt tutankhamun death mask pharaonic

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Consider how at his birth Moses had been ordered abandoned to die by decree of Pharaoh. But God stepped in and chose Moses for a key role in God’s plans to deliver his people. It was through his family’s courage and faith that he was hidden and in the end, God’s plans, not  Pharaoh’s won the day!

Yet as an adult Moses came to a crossroads. The path he had followed as a child, in the luxury of the palace came face to face with the hardships and slavery of his own people. Moses knew that he was no Egyptian. Though God had chosen him, Moses also had to choose God, a choose the rejection that came with being known as one of God’s people.

Living faith is found at the intersection of God’s choice our ours. Who will you choose today?


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