Listening Ears

Why is it that a child who didn’t hear you ask them to pick up their toys hears the song of the ice cream truck two blocks away?

person wearing ice cream

Photo by Min An on

As I have gotten older my hearing has dimmed so that  sometimes I just politely nod though I am not really catching all of the conversation. An even a bigger problem for me has been my tendency to ignore other people’s advice. “I’ve heard it all before!” I hear myself saying. A big danger for all of us is that we grow calluses over our ears so that we don’t even hear when God speaks. When Jesus ran into people who had grown dull of hearing like me, He left a short but important counsel.

He said, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”  Mark 4:9 ESV

Our biggest difficulty isn’t uncovering some miraculous way of hearing from God such as angels or visions. Our greatest challenge is to listen to the truth and then put it into practice. Remember that God gave us ears for listening. Most often God speaks with His still small voice. May we have the grace of a quiet spirit ready to listen to His advice!






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