He Matches Our Pace

The funny thing about walking is that we never know what a gift it is until we can’t do it. For the last two days it became too painful for me to walk or even sit for long. I am so thankful to God that my hip decided to quiet down last night.

Today as I resumed my morning walk by the pond it struck me how God walks with us. He chooses to match our pace because we can not keep up with Him.

When we are little children He runs along with us. When we are teenagers he zigs and zags through our growing pains. In adulthood He sticks by our side through every wilderness and storm. Now that I have begun my senior laps I discovered that He slows to match my halting stride. By faith we can walk anywhere with Jesus, who promises to be our walkway to the Father. Thank God for our Savior Jesus Christ who chose to walk the rough hillside path to Calvary. He painfully slowed His pace to match ours so that He could lead us all the way home to Heaven!

4 thoughts on “He Matches Our Pace

  1. Wise words! God is indeed the one walking with us, not the other way around. Of course, we are egotistical and can easily let this go to our heads. God is the one to be praised! Thanks for your words, Pete.

  2. “By faith we can walk anywhere with Jesus, who promises to be our walkway to the Father.” True. But do WE keep pace with Him? I find that too many times I’ve been running ahead and end up taking the wrong path – or I’m dragging my feet and missing what He has for me. I can get distracted and go off on some rabbit trail … but when I turn back to Him, He’s always there. ❤

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