Pearl of Greatest Price

 Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls, who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it. Matthew 13:45-46 KJV

As a business man I have always been intrigued and drawn to this story. Though there are many different kinds of businesses all of us strive to make a profit. But Jesus isn’t talking about money and profit, He is saying that spiritually we have a lot from this merchant. This man had some values that Jesus wanted us to look at and follow.

First; he was looking for the most beautiful pearls. His customers were not interested in  the cheaper flawed pearls which he could easily find. So we need to ask ourselves: “Are we just looking for second best in spiritual things? Are we willing to settle for easy?”

The old saying, “You get what you pay for.” stands true also in spiritual matters. If we buy cheap we get flawed merchandise that will not last either in the here and now or in God’s kingdom. The difference between that story and our spiritual situation is that we do not have anything to pay the price necessary for eternal life. Only Jesus who is our pearl of greatest price can pay. So why settle for lesser things when Jesus is offering us God’s best. He is only asking that we invest all our hope and trust in Him. Then we will find that our Savior Jesus Christ; the true pearl of greatest price is our inheritance which is of infinite value in Heaven.


2 thoughts on “Pearl of Greatest Price

  1. May I suggest a slightly different perspective?
    I have read this passage dozens of times, but it wasn’t brought to my attention until lately that in one simile Jesus compares the kingdom of heaven to the treasure that a man found and sold all he had to buy it. (Matthew 13:44) But in the second illustration (vss. 45-46. He compares the kingdom of heaven to the MERCHANT, who pays all he has for the pearl of great value. If the kingdom of heaven is the merchant, the pearl is US! Jesus gave everything – His life, His blood – to purchase US!
    What blessed assurance, knowing that we are that valuable to Him. ❤
    So, He gave it all for us, we should give our all for Him.

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