Is He Calling Your Name?

The waiting room is noisy and crowded. People are trying different ways to not look stressed. Some are reading, some texting a friend while others simply sit quietly. But if we were honest all of us are straining to hear only one thing and that is for our own name to be called.

But we will never be called unless the doctor is expecting us. We will never be expected unless we have scheduled an appointment. And they will never schedule that appointment until the terms of payment are accepted.

Have I made that appointment with God? Does He have my name written down in his book? My great assurance is that He has found me – His lost sheep and brought me and all the other wanderers home to Himself. When the bill for our rescue came due He stamped across the invoice – paid in full! Because the Good Shepherd has laid down His life for His sheep any moment now He will be calling your name!

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