Things that are Seen

If when Paul tells us that he chooses to live by focusing on things he cannot see it seems mysterious remember the prayer which Jesus taught us.

Our Father – the invisible God

Who is in heaven – an unseen place

May Your name be Holy- an unknowable purity

Your kingdom come – a government we don’t see yet

Your will be done – while all the world rejects its invisible laws

Give us this day our daily bread- His unforseen miraculous provision

Forgive us our trespasses- an unexpected mercy

Lead us not – a loving guidance

Deliver us from evil- an astonishing rescue

For Yours is the kingdom power and glory – just 3 of the limitless riches of our Father

Forever Amen- an unimaginable eternity!

Almost everything He taught us to pray for is invisible. The only two things we can see are our daily bread and our sin. How wonderful a Gift He has given when He became the living bread so He could take away our sins!

One thought on “Things that are Seen

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