Sitting Next to Dad

Growing up in a home without my father was sometimes confusing and lonely. Two stepfathers came and went but neither knew my heart or were able to help me feel like I really belonged anywhere.

Then when I was 15 years old I met my real father. He didn’t know me either but he committed to do whatever it took to build a relationship.

Those first years were pretty rough between us but Dad stayed with it through my years of drug abuse, misunderstandings and lots of bad decisions on my part. How blessed I was that my Dad stuck it out!

As I grew older I learned that I could talk with my Dad about anything. I could ask for his advice or help at any hour. As Dad’s neared the end of his life, our every meeting became more meaningful; each word more valuable and each kiss more precious. Sure Dad had his own weaknesses and failures but what he did most importantly was to show me that I could trust God always and for anything. Happy Father’s day Dad. Thanks for helping me to find the eternal unfailing father who we can both sit next to one day in heaven. See you there!

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