Family Reunion

It’s one thing to prepare for a family reunion and quite another to have them move in permanently. For a week or maybe even a month we can tolerate a certain amount of disorder to our daily schedule. Though we do love sharing a part of our lives we also look forward to realigning our things and our routine to what we were used to doing.

Jesus is inviting us to more than just a visit. He wants us as members of His own family. He opens wide the door to His Father’s house but He makes very clear from the beginning that this is not a temporary stay. His offer is not just for more life the way we are accustomed to. We are freely invited to join with the understanding that this family reunion is not a one and done experience. We don’t just get to come for a while and return home unchanged.

If we are to follow Jesus as a family member He wants us to know that we will only reach our destination by taking our cross every day.

But do not be afraid because the wonderful secret is that in the moment we accept His invitation we will discover His shoulder is already under the beam carrying the weight.

…My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Matthew 11:30 ESV

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