Anyone Thirsty?

When we moved to Florida, drinking the public water isn’t so great so we began buying bottled water. My wife is a big fan of Aqua Fine water while I like Dasani. But many years ago when we lived in Southern Missouri our water came from a cistern by the side of the house. It looked like a well but was just a 20 foot deep concrete lined storage tank. When it rained the rain water passed through a charcoal   filter and when it didn’t we called the water truck. I still remember the year we d


ecided to clean it out and I was lower to the bottom to bale out the residue and scrub it out with bleach. What was down there was pretty yucky and we had been drinking it!

Jesus has a way better source of water in mind for our life than that old cistern. He promises clean fresh living water. It is a water that does not need to be pumped in but instead it springs up from the depths with a connection to the river of life. Being connected to Jesus means always having  cold clean spiritual water to drink as well as to share with anyone who is thirsty. Are you thirsty today. Jesus invitation still stands. Come to Him and find the best water of all!

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