Go Sit On Your Bed!

“Sit on your bed till your father gets home!” Was one of the most terror filled ways for me to spend an afternoon when I was ten years old. I sometimes wasn’t quite sure what I had done wrong and was even less certain of what punishment lay in store. Though often I deserved whatever spanking awaited me at my dad’s return this is not what God has in mind for our relationship with Him. He is not busy doing important stuff at the office and hoping we were good while he was away.

Instead our heavenly dad stayed home to spend time with us today. He also has planned out in advance a family adventure vacation. He can’t wait to go out with us and help us discover amazing things on our journey. He challenges us to think in new ways and learn to do new stuff. But our becoming a new man (or woman) is not about trying harder, running faster or jumping higher. In fact the new person we are asked to be is not about us at all.

Only Jesus is the true holy and righteous new man. Only He can be in us who He is calling us to be! So don’t worry about sitting on your bed till God gets home. Instead go outside and wait in the driveway because our father’s greatest delight is to come home for us give us the blessings of heaven!

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