God’s Classroom

Not too long ago I broke a toe while stumbling through the house with my morning coffee. That tiny fracture made big changes in my routine for months. Oh how I complained especially over the loss of my morning walks. From a day with our family to just going to church.nothing was untouched. The small steady pain was a constant reminder to carefully weigh the necessity of every step.

In our walk with Christ most of us have broken a few toes as we stumble here and there. One second we are strong and assured while the next we are wondering if it is worth taking the next step. God has more often than not incorporated pain into His lesson plan to get my attention. It is a method guaranteed to make me think over what is truly good and necessary versus what is just a passing fancy. When each step is painful it is vital to decide which ones are vital in my path.

I am still learning that when I pray for God to show me His ways then not to complain about His classroom methods. Each day is another in a chain of miracles called life. God’s desire is that even in its tiniest details – both the mundane and the unexpected that I am being given the chance to learn more of His love for me.

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