Getting Back in the Boat

And when they got into the boat, the wind ceased. Matthew 14:32

This short, seemingly insignificant verse holds a promise I had overlooked till I desperately needed it. I often thought about God challenging me as when Peter walked on water. Other times it was comforting to know that Jesus reached out his hand to save Peter. But it is just as important to know that Jesus wants to restore normalcy and calm to our lives.

fishing sea sky sunset
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My mother was just 62 when she died of breast cancer and her passing left me feeling like I had been run over by a truck. The years struggling to rebuild our relationship, the prayers and the conversations were suddenly over. I felt as if I were locked in a room with barely enough air to breathe. I sleep walked through months of guilt and regret for what had never been. Then one morning as the light began to shine outside my window it also started shining again in my heart. It wasn’t that I suddenly could understand the reasons behind the hurt, but rather that knowing only God knew was now enough.

Prayer: Father even the hurts that I will never understand and the struggles that no one else knows about are safe with you. Thank you that you are not always challenging or rescuing me, but that some days you simply help me back in the boat. I am grateful and I rest in your care as the wind calms to a hush.

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