It’s Almost Time!

 Moving into the home that once my Dad’s in Florida has meant some major changes in our lifestyle including a good deal of downsizing. There was not much room for a garden here though we were able to preserve a few Irises in pots along the walk.  But tucked away in the back yard between the property line and an overgrown holly is a lemon tree that my Dad planted about thirty years ago. It large lemons are, according to our friends,  the best on earth! Though that tree stands no more than eight feet high, each year it yields scores of the biggest and sweetest lemons anywhere. It simply finds a way in its small spot to give more than anyone expected.
If our life sometimes feels like we’ve been downsized a notch or two, we don’t need to give in to discouragement. In our tiny patch of ground where our roots are planted, God still sends just enough sunlight and rain for us to grow. Yielding sweet fruit really has nothing to do with talent, effort or opportunity.  Yielding fruit means that, like our lemon tree, just keep growing till branches bud, buds become flowers, and flowers to small green fruit. Then one morning to everyone’s joyful surprise it will be time for another year of lemonade and lemon meringue pie! Yes everything has its season and here it means the lemons are almost ripe.


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