The best part of being at the beach this afternoon, was not jumping in the water to cool off, but feeling the breeze quiet my heart and mind. It has always intrigued me how Jesus never said that the world did not offer peace. He only said that the peace He gives is different (and way better) than what this world can offer us.

It’s not that the peace we can find on this earth is always bad, but rather it is always temporary. We had to come home from the beach, tomorrow we go to the doctor and then come blood tests and then come bills and on and on. The peace that calmed my heart for a moment at the shore will be forgotten but God’s peace rests on the unchanging truth of His word. His promise of life, forgiveness and rest for my soul stretch on past the horizon of eternity. Peace more sure than a river and broader than all oceans is available any time and any place in the person of Jesus Christ.





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  1. Dee @ SSM says:

    Amen. Thank you.

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