Why a Rainbow?

I do set my bow in the clouds and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth. Genesis 9:13

After Noah came out of the ark the first things he did was to offer a sacrifice and to worship God. In response God made a covenant promise and gave Noah the rainbow as a visible sign of His invisible promise. What strikes me is that for Noah to see God’s special sign, he had to respond immediately. Rainbows do not sit around waiting to be seen. Because rainbows appear and then disappear in a single minute we need Nosh needed to put down everything he was doing to see it. For us to see what God is up to in our life we must do the same. If we have asked God for an answer, He just might show up with a rainbow. Are you ready to drop everything you are doing to put your focus on Him? To see the beauty of the rainbow we must look up when God chooses to send it. To see the visible sign of the invisible promise of God we must be ready at a moment’s notice. The most beautiful rainbows come and go at their appointed times not when we can work them into His schedule!

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  1. Very nice post dear friend. I always remember this promise and it does bring joy to my heart. Thanks for the sweet reminder. God bless you

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