What are Your Plans?

I loved the scene from the film “Evan Almighty” when Evan (Steve Carell) tells God “But I have my plans!) then God (Morgan Freeman) laughs and responds, “Your plans?”

I laugh every time because it is a conversation I have silently had with God on so many occasions. “But I planned to sing a song, make a friend or start a new job”. Those were my plans! But God in His infinite love and mercy pulls out His schedule, glances down and shakes His head lovingly. “Nope! Pete…You’re just going to have to trust me with this.”. Ever notice how our Heavenly Father loves to put the ball back into our court and then waits to see our response? Here are a few folks from the Bible who also had plans:

Job would have liked to stay rich, safe and blessed.

Mary was planning what to wear to her wedding

Elisha just wanted to finish ploughing his father’s field

Peter wished he could catch a few fish.

But God had other amazing, astonishing and challenging plans they could never have even imagined. God also has awesome plans for you and me. What are your plans? What might God be calling for in your life today? Whatever it is we know that His plans are way better than anything we could dream!

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