Remembering the Forgotten

This past Wednesday was my last service at Allied Nursing Home after 23 years as volunteer chaplain. I was deeply moved by the expression of love and thoughtfulness of so many. I want to thank each of you who have liked, loved or commented on this special moment. While I deeply appreciate all the good wishes I would most of all love to see others step up to get involved in some way, because these years have been all about remembering the residents who are often forgotten by others. To help anyone who is interested in getting involved , I am running a free book promotion over labor day week-end of all my books dealing with nursing home ministry. Here are the links to two of them. Reflections is a daily reader devoted to residents, family members, staff or anyone else touched by the challenges of long term care.

Hope thumbnail

Reflections of Hope

There are also 4 other books that concentrate on training and inspiring volunteers, but I will just post the link to the most comprehensive of these:

Nursing Home Ministry thumbnail

Nursing Home Ministry -The Heart of Jesus Christ

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