Facing Fear

As I was reading this morning this verse stood out and I remembered how God used it to deliver me in a very dark time of my life. I often create a verse image as a way of underlining its importance for the day.

Later in the day I met a woman who had just been put into hospice care as I greeted people at the end of the chapel service at nursing home. Kathy was sweet, gentle and yet naturally afraid at knowing she had come to the end of her life. As we talked I shared how God had helped me when I had passed through a time of great fear and anxiety. I wish I could say she instantaneously received peace, but she did begin to become more calm. Then Kathy began to talk about her own experience of needing to perform CPR on her mother. She recalled that time and how difficult it had been being the care giver. We prayed together and committed ourselves to God’s care. I know that finding ourselves weak and helpless is not easy. God loves all the Kathys and the Sues, the Joes and the Bobs. We are all loved whether we are just beginning our voyage or whether we are pulling our boats into shore. God is our light. He is our Salvation. He alone gives us courage at every dark hour. Who shall we fear? He is also the strength of my life and His promise is that every fear will be defeated!

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