So Glad You Asked!

When I was a young boy my mom used to bake home made bread. With just the screen door closed on the back of our house that wonderful aroma reached around the neighborhood. By the time mom was pulling the loaves out of the oven I was lining up with my friends to get a slice. As soon as it cooled enough for my mother to cut open a loaf and spread butter on we would gobble it down.

In much the same way people couldn’t wait to see Jesus. One of the great things about His ministry was that all sorts of people felt they could ask Him questions. “Who is my neighbor? How do I inherit eternal life? How many times should I forgive my brother? How can a man be born when he is old? and What is truth?” All these and many more questions Jesus was able to answer because people asked. The words and life of Jesus were so filled with grace that people wanted to ask him about whatever problems they had.

If no one is asking us questions outside of church maybe we need to check if our lives and words have the flavor of grace. Grace that flows from the love of Christ will always find it’s way to someone who is hungry in the same way the fresh baked bread drew us in the kitchen door!

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