Working Alone

“I work alone!” Mr. Incredible

This Summer we can hardly wait to see The Incredibles 2. Okay so we’re grandparents but hey we’ve watched every kid movie for the last 16 years thanks to our 7 grandchildren!

In the first movie a young man named Bob also known as Mr Incredible proudly tells his young fan Buddy to get lost. Mr Incredible is in a hurry and has no time to slow down. He’s sure his abilities will be enough to save the day…alone. Later on in the story after he is imprisoned he learns he is not so invincible. He wonderfully discovers that his greatest strength is his family and not his super powers.

In our mission to serve Jesus some of us (or is it only me?) have acted a bit like Bob. We start out feeling super but when we fall into difficulties or temptation we find we are not so strong after all. That is when Jesus” promise to be with us takes on a deeper meaning. He hasn’t promised just to follow us around in case we get in trouble. Jesus has called us on mission to share His teachings with everyone, everywhere, every day. That’s an incredible and impossible job unless we realize that we have all the resources of the universe by our side. The incredible Savior who walked on waves is not just commanding us to go. He is inviting us to dare to walk out on the waters with Him!

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  1. Roos Ruse says:

    Jesus made me a fast fan of water walking. Practice makes perfect!

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