When I was a teenager one of my friends wrote a song called “I don’t want to get adjusted to this world.”

Though I cannot remember a word of the lyrics that title sticks in my memory. Too often we spend our time and energy rushing around hoping to be accepted by people. We are frustrated by what we hear in the media, surprised by the opposition we face in the break room and angry by what happens in government circles.

But consider that Jesus was almost murdered by the king as an infant. He was rejected by his neighbors. The religious establishment spent much of their time behind the scenes plotting to have Him arrested. Finally one of His own disciples turned Jesus over to the authorities for cash. As He stood before the governor with His life in the balance He made the shocking assertion:

…But my kingdom is not from the world.” John 18:36 ESV

If we are waiting to be understood accepted and lauded for living for Jesus Christ we will be severely disappointed. But instead of wasting energy working on our earthly resume we need to rejoice that our heavenly travel documents are all in order through the cross of Christ!!

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